7 Awful Things About Dining Halls

As great as dining halls are for college students, they can be equally as bad. Here are a few things that aren’t so great about meal halls.

1. Low Quality of Food

Although you can get as much of it as you would like, the food at dining halls is not of the best quality. This can eventually take a toll on your waistline and your health. Luckily, many Universities do offer healthier options.

2. Close Too Early

Not every school has meal halls that stay open late night, some close early.  This can be a problem for those of us who are taking night classes and want to grab a bite to eat after class.

4. Breakfast Ends Too Early

For a lot of students, the day doesn’t start at 7am or even 9am. Plenty of students wake up at 10 o’clock and call it an early day. If this sounds like you, then chances are,  breakfast  will be missed at the meal hall. Luckily, lunch will most likely be starting, so you can at least catch that.

5. Force Fed

At a lot of Colleges, you are required to purchase a meal plan if you live on campus. This has its benefits, but it also means that you are going to be forced into eating at the dining hall. With something like 160 meal credits a semester, that means the majority of your meals are going to be eaten at the dining hall.

6.  Way Too Crowded

Where I go to college, it is near impossible to find a place to sit once the clock strikes noon. Not only is it often hard to find a place to sit, but the lines to get food are outrageous.

7. Unvarying Food Choices

As great of a selection the dining hall seems to have, you will quickly find yourself tired of the same old food. But, who can blame you when you are eating at the same place 2 to 3 times a day? After the first semester of Freshmen year, when the newness of the almighty meal hall wears off, you will soon find yourself dreading stepping foot into those doors again.


With this article, I tried not to hate on meal halls too much because they really are a great addition to the college campus. However, there is definitely room for improvement.

What would you do to improve dining halls?

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