7 Benefits of Going to College

Right now, you might be thinking about not attending college. While some people are successful without college, many benefits exist. In fact, many people who don’t attend college right after high school end up returning when they are older.

Making a smart decision means that you have to think about the benefits too.

1. The Right Time

When you are older, it would be harder to go to school. You will have more bills. You might be married, own a home or have children to take care of. Even though you have responsibilities now, you likely have fewer than you will in the future.

You have more time to pay attention to your school work when you are younger.

2. Knowing You

You probably spend a decent portion of your life getting to know yourself. College is a place where you really have the opportunity to do that. You get to take classes to see what type of job you want to have.

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Also, campuses have plenty of clubs, and you will have so many chances to meet people with similar interests as you.

3. Making Friends

Plenty of people do stay friends with their group from elementary school or high school, but many people are closest with their college friends. You are going to be in a different environment, maybe even living away from home for the first time.

The bonds you make can affect you and stay with you for your whole life.

4. Earning Money

Picking a career solely based on how much money you can earn is not the best idea. You don’t have a promise of the salary, and you might be unhappy with the job itself.

However, becoming a degree holder often means that you have the opportunity to earn more money. Many people who have an associate’s or master’s degree earn more money than people who don’t.

College gradutes earn on average $1,000,000 more over their lifetime

5. Finding a Job

Whether you choose to have a high paying career or not, you still want to find a job. Many job postings say that the applicants need to have a degree. Some will accept only applicants who have a master’s or bachelor’s degree.

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By getting a bachelor’s degree, for example, you can increase the chance that you will find a good job.

6. Gaining Independence

If you choose to get a job right out of 12th-grade, your environment probably won’t change much. You will live in the same place and have the same experiences that you did in high school.

Even if you live at home, college still provides the chance to help you grow up and to gain more independence. Those skills are ones that you need later in life.

7. Learning

You have spent most of your life going to school, so you might wonder why you need more. Even though you learned about many subjects in your school years so far, college provides you with a deeper understanding.

Also, you will find many classes and subjects that your high school did not offer, so you get to learn even more about the world.

When you are thinking about not going to college, consider what you are missing out on. Your decision could change your life in a hugely positive way.

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