Safety Tips for College Girls

Always travelling with friends is the best defense.

College girls should avoid new types of alcohol

Stick with what you know, especially in the beginning of the semester. If you never had Tequila, don’t have a power hour with it before you go out. If you want to try something new, have a sip, or try it on a off night. Remember there are a lot of shady dudes out there, so don’t make it easy for them.

College girls should never travel alone

They say there is power in numbers, and its right, especially when you have been drinking. Yeah your beer goggles may be on, and you may think you have met the man of your dreams who is telling you everything you want to year… check with your friends first, and try not to leave them. There is always tomorrow or next week.

College girls should always watch their drinks

It really is a shame this has to be brought up, but ladies, watch your drinks, and who is getting them for you. A few a-holes out there think that dropping a drug in your drink is a good idea, so just be prepared. Don’t be afraid to walk away pour out your beer and get another one from the keg.

Tip: if you are unsure, ask if you can have his cup and see his reaction.

Always carry and use condoms, never have unprotected sex

You’ll never know when you will need a condom, so always have one in your purse. Never have unprotected sex. College is a haven for STD’s and the last thing you need is one night’s mistake haunting you forever. Always insist he wears one, or go home. Don’t even bother asking if he has anything, because he probably either doesn’t know or he is lying. College girls should know some STD’s such as HPV can be carried by guys without symptoms. HPV typically does not give males symptoms but in females it can lead to cervical cancer. There is currently a shot that females can get that can help protect a girl or woman from getting HPV, but it must be given before infected to work. College girls should talk to their doctor to see if the shot is right for them. Read a female’s perspective on college sex in the Smart Girl Guide to College (Sex).

Protection & Safety Tips for College Girls

Take a self defense class

Most colleges offer some type of self defense classes, especially for women. If your school does not offer such classes, get in touch with the student government or campus activities and ask why they do not provide it. These classes are typically free, and sometimes can be taken for college credit. These classes are usually the best way to understand how to defend yourself, and can be empowering to know you can do so if you had to.

College girls should have protection

Some colleges and universities are in “the bad part” of town, and college girls need to look out for more than just college guys. All college girls should have some type of protection on them at all times. Good examples of protection include pepper spray (or mace), or a tazer. Both of these are non-lethal ways to take down a potential attacker and get away. College girls should practice using pepper spray or tazers (stun guns) as instructed on the instructions.

College girls should avoid dangerous situations

Avoiding dangerous situations is the easiest way to stay safe. Always traveling with friends always helps, but also being aware of your surroundings is key. If you feel you are being followed try to get to a safe location as quick as possible. If you are alone don’t stop to talk to a stranger if you don’t feel comfortable. Try to walk and stay in highly lit areas at night, and always stay within view of other people. Avoid shortcuts through alley’s because it could be a prime place to get attacked.

What college girls should do in dangerous situations

If a college girl still ends up in a dangerous situation it is important to know what to do. If you are confronted always have a plan to get out safe. Get on your cell phone with someone you trust and tell them where you are and what is happening, if necessary tell them to call the police. If you can’t get a hold of someone, and you do not feel safe, dial 9 and 1, and keep your finger on the one button – If something happens hit the one and yell out where you are and what is happening. If someone tries to steal your car, throw the keys far away from the car and run the opposite direction, this will help save you from being kidnapped. If someone attacks you, don’t yell help, yell fire! In any situation where someone asks for your wallet or purse, throw it over them and run away as fast as possible. If you are attacked and you have pepper spray or a tazer, use it!


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