Personal Safety Tips for College Students

The college years are filled with exams, lectures, studying and sleepless nights. They are also full of new places, faces, and experiences. The one thing that no one wants to think about is the potential danger that lurks at those parties and dark parking lots. No, it is not a good idea to be terrified of every little sound, but it is a good idea to take steps to keep yourself safe.

Buddy system

Try to always go out in a group or at least with one other person. There really can be safety in numbers. This is really important after dark, but can also be a good idea during the day. People have been kidnapped right out in broad daylight.

No one likes to think or talk about the possible dangers on and off college campuses, but they exist non the less. You are not weak or weird by wanting to have friends accompany you when you go out. Besides, stuff is always more fun with friends, right?

If you do happen to go places alone, let someone you trust know where you are going and when you expect to come back. It might be a hassle, but letting someone know your whereabouts could save your life.


Always have a cell phone with you. This might sound ridiculous since almost everyone uses their cell phone nonstop throughout the day and night.

You might be surprised at how many people will let the battery go dead or simply forget to grab it before they go out. It is rather difficult to call 911 or anyone else if your phone is dead or not even with you!

The other reason you want to keep your cell phone handy is for taking pictures. You never know when you will have a reason to take pictures; for example a fender bender.

Know your area

It is best to familiarize yourself with your surroundings just in case something happens.

It is fun to explore new places and meet new people, during the day. Get some maps of the local area and study them; if for no better reason than to not get lost when you are going on a pizza run!

When you are out and about, pay attention to road signs, landmarks and other details about the area you are in.

Safe situations

This means to avoid any situations that do not feel right to you.

For example, you are invited to a party with people you do not know very well (or at all) and everyone will be drinking alcohol. If this scenario does not make you feel comfortable, then avoid it. It’s perfectly fine to turn down party invites. So what if you seem “uncool”? It is better to be “uncool” and safe than sorry, or worse, later on.

Avoid going to secluded places with strangers too. It is normal to meet all sorts of people you don’t know while in college, and it is wise to get to know them in busy public settings.

Don’t go places alone at night; if you have to be out at night then have friends you trust with you. This even applies to jobs, have a close friend meet you when you get off work late at night.


Knowing how to defend yourself has never been more important than in today’s day and age. Everyone wants to assume that nothing will happen to them, until it does and then it is too late.

Sign up for self-defense classes as soon as possible and then practice what you learn to keep your skills honed. You do not have to be a paranoid person to take these classes, you can use the excuse that it is good exercise. Any excuse will do, as long as you learn how to take care of yourself during a dangerous situation.

Oh and by the way, this tip is not directed just at the ladies, guys can benefit from taking classes too.

Final Word

College life is full of fun and experiments, with some learning sprinkled in there too. The one thing that so many students fail to take care of is their personal safety. Just because you are on a prestigious campus does not mean you are 100% safe and sound.

You should be aware of your surroundings, always travel in a group and have your cell phone handy. And don’t forget to take those self-defense classes!


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