Check out Colleges, Without Leaving Your Town!

It probably seems like a lot of your friends are making the time to go out and visit all of their potential college choices lately. Can’t seem to make it out of your house? There are many reasons why college visits are limited, or not doable. Money is always an issue along with time and traveling. Well don’t fret! There are things you can still do while checking out colleges right from that very computer seat you are sitting on! It doesn’t matter why you can’t go visit an actual college, as long as you make the effort to check into it somehow! You won’t regret being over prepared when it comes to choosing which college you want to attend. Delve deep and really get your facts straight about the colleges you might want to attend. Here are some ways to do it:

1. Extra, extra, read all about it

Every college campus should have a school newspaper . If you cannot physically go and pick one up, or don’t know anyone who can send it to you, look online. College newspapers are usually put up on a Web site nowadays. Reading the school’s newspaper will really help you know what’s happening on campus. You can see the types of events they do and start figuring out whether you are interested or not.

2. Chat it up

Find someone who went to the college you’re interested in and have a conversation about it with them. College alumnus, and even current students, know a lot about their campus and what events happen there. By talking to these people, you will hear first-hand what the school is like. This could be an even better opportunity than just getting a walking tour around the school.

3. Website

Go to the college’s home page. Check out the classes they have and see if it fits what you want to do. A college Web site will tell you so much about the school’s academics and calendars. You can really get a feel for the school just by visiting the site. Also, many colleges have Facebook pages. Checking those out wouldn’t hurt, and they may tell you things about the school that the site didn’t.

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4. College Reps

There are tons of colleges who have representatives in all parts of the country. If your high school has a college fair, or something along those lines, check it out and see if the school of your choice brought out any reps you could speak with. This will give you an opportunity to talk to someone from the college face-to-face. This will probably be the most accurate way to get your questions answered about your college.

5. YouTube it

If you are mostly worried about getting lost at whichever big, new college you decide to go to, check to see if the college offers a virtual tour of the campus. If you study this you can decide if you like the layout of the campus which could determine your ultimate decision.

Although nothing is probably as great as actually visiting a campus, all of these are smart and practical to do before picking which college you want to go to. Make sure you do all you can before you pick, because if not, you may regret your decision!

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