Students That Any College Wants

In today’s highly competitive world, most high school students plan on continuing with college education after graduation. What are the possibilities and requirements for gaining admission into colleges? Here are some ideas that will improve your chances of being admitted to the college of your choice.

1. Get the best grades you are capable of getting.

Everyone is not capable of straight-A’s, but any student of average intelligence and a superior work-ethic can maintain a B-average at the very least.

  • Know the objectives for every class you take.
  • If you can’t master a course objective, as the instructor for additional help and resources to improve.
  • Turn your assignments in on or before their deadlines.
  • Ask about extra credit, but don’t plan on using it as a substitute for promptly-completed, high-quality work.

2. Practice appropriate study habits.

A systematic approach allows you to plan ahead and turn in your best effort. Set aside a few hours each day towards completing homework assignments. This assures that you do not submit work that is not well done and that you have plenty of time to complete your assignments with sufficient attention to detail.

3. Read a wide selection of books.

If you don’t enjoy reading, start by reading a book or two each month. You will be surprised how many great stories and ideas lurk between the covers of a book.

Choose from biographies, histories, adventures, memoirs, and a host of other genres. Borrow books for free from the public library.

Once you start reading, you may soon enjoy the habit. Reading exposes your mind to new ideas and styles of writing. Soon, your ability to express yourself and your ideas will begin to improve.

4. Write whenever you can.

You can practice writing essays by sending an occasional letter to the editor of your town’s newspaper. Write email letters to friends, explaining your views on a contemporary social situation or a current event.

Take high school classes that require students to write research papers or reports. The more writing experience you have when entering college, the better able you will be to communicate effectively in your classes and in your assignments.


These are some of the habits that make students stand out for selection by any college. You can add to this list by contacting a few teachers in the college of your choice and interview them on the subject of what makes a good student.

The combination of superior study, reading, and writing skills in tandem with the skills identified by college professors as desirable for incoming college students will make you a confident high school graduate ready for the challenges of the next four years!

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