4 Best College Board Games

Playing board games is something that many college students do—it’s a great way to pass a few hours while you’re avoiding homework.

  • Having weekly or bi-weekly game nights is a great way to spend time with your friends and get to know other people.
  • Playing games is also inexpensive—once you’ve purchased a game, you won’t need to spend any more money on it, and it can be used as many times as you’d like.

With all of the board game options around, however, it can be difficult choosing which ones to play. Try out some of the following to get you started.



Scrabble is one of the best college board games because it’s very easy to play, can be played by up to four players, and is a lot of fun.

Games can quickly get ridiculous if your friends start trying to sneak in made-up words without you noticing, and you’ll be surprised at how many words you’ll plan on the board that you would never say in public!

Scene It? Squabble

scene it squabble

Most people have played some version of Scene It? and are familiar with its format, which includes both a board and a game DVD.

The Squabble version pits guys against girls and aims to see who has a better knowledge of movies, TV shows, and pop culture. Having guys answer girls’ questions and vice versa can be a source of never-ending entertainment. You may be surprised how many chick flicks one of your guy friends has seen, or how much your girlfriend knows about sports.



Another word game, Scattergories requires you to come up with words related to specific topics that start with a specified letter. You’ll have to be creative, though, because if you come up with the same words as someone else, neither of you get points for it!

This game can be extremely entertaining late at night (or when slightly intoxicated), as the words get more and more comical.

Wise and Otherwise

Wise and Otherwise

This game is less well-known than the above games, but nonetheless is one of the very best college board games out there.

Similar to Balderdash, one player will read the beginning of an ancient saying, such as “The ocean cannot be emptied . . .”, and the other players will write how they think the saying should end. All of the answers are collected and read aloud with the correct saying—players then guess which is the correct answer. It’s easy to get the hang of it after a couple rounds, and it’s extremely fun! (note: the correct answer to the above example is “with seven spoons.” Seriously. People actually said that).

Let’s Play a Game

There are hundreds of other board games that are great fun, and this guide hasn’t even mentioned card games. You should have no problem finding games to play with your friends—trying a new game every month can be a way for you to figure out for yourself which are the best college board games!


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