4 Popular Card Games for College Students

Last updated on November 27, 2017

There are many reasons why card games are popular among college students. A deck of cards only costs a couple bucks, is easy to transport and can be replaced in no time if someone spills their drink on it. Not only that, but almost everyone already has one; finding a deck of cards is not a difficult thing to do. Because of this popularity, college students have made playing cards a staple of the college recreation scene. While there is an almost-infinite number of card games, a few have risen above the others to become student favorites.

1. President (also known as Asshole, Capitalism, Presidents & Assholes, Rich Man Poor Man, and others).

This game is almost always played as a drinking game, and involves any number of players trying to get rid of the cards in their hand and become the “President.” The rules are fairly simple, but few students play without adding a house rule or two that can drastically change how the game is played. This is a good game to learn, as many students know and enjoy it.

2. Poker is a game that is certainly not limited to college students, but many of them have taken a liking to it (this is more true with guys than girls, but it is played by both).

Because it’s easy to play for any amount of money, betting on poker is pretty common—though it’s not usually for very much, as college students can’t afford to be tossing a lot of money at each other. Both draw and stud are played.

3. Bullshit (also known as Cheat) is one of the easiest and most fun college card games.

Because it is so simple and can be played quickly, you’ll find that this is a favorite of many students. Most people have played this game at some point or another, but if you’ve never played, you’ll find it quite to learn.

4. Spoons is one the few card games that actually involves physical activity, and this results in much hilarity.

Because N people will be battling over N-1 spoons, the game can very competitive (especially if there’s any drinking involved). If you’re looking for even more competition, you can place the spoons in another room; just be sure that there’s nothing breakable even remotely close to the spoons or the path from the table to the other room. It could get a little crazy.

Note: one of popular ways to win in this game is to fake the other players out; just reach really quickly for the spoons, but don’t touch one. You can also bang your fist on the table. This will only work a couple times, but it’s hilarious when it does!

There are hundreds of college card games that you might encounter on your campus, but these four are probably the most popular ones. If you know how to play these four games, you should have no problem being included in any card-playing extravaganza!


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