Student Discounts

Nowadays, companies are looking to attract your business as a college student.

Banks, credit card companies, airlines, and other services you use long-term are looking to make you a customer now in the hopes you will choose them throughout your lifetime.

Local businesses, like the pizza shop and movie theatre, love college students with disposable income, big appetites and loads of free time.

There are also companies out there who consolidate college deals onto student cards that you can purchase for a fee. Take advantage of every student discount you can!

Top Student Discounts

We’ve listed the top national and international student discounts, but make sure you check your school and local businesses for student discounts as well.

Student Discount Cards

Student Advantage is probably the biggest national student discount card around, with savings on Greyhound, Amtrak and top retailers. The card costs $20 (+ $2.50 Shipping & Handling) = $22.50.

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An international student identity card that also comes with discounts, like 67% off Adobe Creative Cloud service.

An international student identity card that comes with medical benefits, a free global calling card and worldwide student discounts.

Computer Discounts

Apple offers student discounts on computers and software.

Dell University has computer discounts and some contests as well. They also have a education purchase program, but you will need to have your school’s member ID to get those discounts.

Education discounts on HP products like printers and computers.

Software and other student discounts from Microsoft.