Education After High School: Right Now, or Later?

Today, there are many forms of education for students. There is going to school either online or in person, and there is also personal growth, where students actually take time to learn for themselves about life and who they are. Which is better?

Well, in many cases students take some time off to travel and then go to school, then there are those that jump into going to school right away or after high school and they also turn out great.

One of the things that students need to know before they choose either option is what do they want to accomplish, and how much time will it take them to get to their goal.

Right now, or later?

  • Most students actually go to school right after high school and even though they struggle they feel accomplished because they reach their goals.
  • Those that take some time off for personal growth feel as if they actually learn more and more about themselves than what they thought they would.

These two career choices can actually help any individual get to their goal of learning more about life.

There is no guarantee that people will actually learn everything that they need to learn in school, which is why so many students take some time off after school, or while they are in school.

The important part about all of this is that students or the person learns what they want to learn and that they reach some sort of goal.

Career prep vs Personal growth

  • Career preparation is another way of preparing for students to get the information and the knowledge for the career of their choice.
  • Personal growth can also help students discover who they are and what they can do while they take some time off to find themselves.

The difference between the two is that students can either go to a school, or they can learn on their own what they want.

Many of the students that actually choose personal growth over career prep do so because they want to know more about what they are capable of doing on their own.

There really is no right or wrong choice for education, all that students need to choose is what is it that they want to do and what will it take to reach their goals, if they have any.


The majority of the time, either choice will get the student what they need.

If along the way, they feel or see that their choice is not giving them the results that they want, they also have the freedom to change their path and choose the opposite option.

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