8 Reasons to Choose the Big City over the College Town

On top of all the decisions that must be made before starting college, one really important and overlooked question is if students would be more successful in a college town or a large city.

There is a major difference between studying in a town dedicated to the university whereas studying in a big city.

Of course, this all depends on what your major is, your work ethic, and even your personality.

Here is a list all of the benefits of studying, living, and working in a big city!

1. The independent life

You will not only be around students but also dwellers and workers in the city.

2. The free events!

Being near famous parks and museums, there will be an ample amount of free events, concerts, tours, and more throughout your academic year! (Especially on the holidays! It’ll be easy to not feel homesick!)

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3. Connections

Since everything is nearby, you can bet that you’ll be connected to many opportunities that will lead you to the career you are looking for.

4. Internships, internships, internships

Each city has its own connections, and living in one as a student provides you with both diversity in employment opportunities and cheap transportation to assist you with.

Everything tends to be quite near each other, so being late is not really an issue.

5. No major? No fear

Given the range of opportunities, jobs, and internships, you’ll get a chance to explore your options to get a taste of what really interests you.

6. Meeting international students

You’ll have a cultural experience meeting students from different countries and states, and you’ll maybe even dorm with them!

7. Places to go

As touched on, you’re in the center of a lot of important and famous places: airports, grocery stores, public transportation, work, etc.

8. The view

It’s always nice to wake up to the sun peeking through the buildings. Also, walking to class while enjoying the architecture is always refreshing.

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If most of these don’t really float your boat, consider looking into a college town. But as always, you’ll know what works for you through experience!