6 Popular College Party Themes

You’ve got to be creative on a college campus when it’s all been done before. Getting your party on isn’t something to scoff at when reputations and the sake of the whole campus’s good time is on the line. So you don’t make mistakes and do the same thing, here are the biggest campus party themes.

Pimps and Hoes

A scandalous affair with lingerie, chocolate covered strawberries and fun, fun, fun!

Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes

Guys dress up like golf pros, and girls put on skimpy skirts to play the tennis hoes. Always a good time, just be careful with your clubs and rackets.

Black and White

A party where everyone wears black and white, made popular by The Hills, Gossip Girl, and other popular shows.

Beach Party

The classic luau theme with all the essentials, lay’s, Corona, and bikini’s. What’s great about this theme, is it can quickly become a naked party with the right amount of ‘foreign’ substances.

Playboy Party

Everyone knows this one, bunny ears, skimpy outfits, and paisley robes. Make Hugh proud.

Highlighter Party

Everyone wears a white t-shirt (or white everything), and people write and draw random stuff all over you all while under black light.


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