Tips for Staying Healthy During Finals Week

Last updated on November 15, 2017

It stinks to get sick in college, but it’s even worse during finals, when you have papers, tests, and projects due.

How can you get to your list of academic tasks when you can’t even breathe through your nose?

We’re offering some tips on how to stay healthy during this stressful time period—and beyond!

1. Get your shots—flu and otherwise.

Meningitis is a cause for concern on lots of college campuses right now. Doctors advise students that the best form of prevention is to get the vaccine.

According to this AAFP article, “intervention is required to reduce the length of the outbreak.” The same can be said for all illnesses on college campuses.

2. Sleep well.

Getting the right amount of sleep might seem foreign to a college student, what with pulling all-nighters and attending late-night events on campus, but it can make the difference when it comes to their health.

Not getting enough sleep can alter immune function, and it can also affect memory and learning, so it’s important to get enough Zs not only for your health, but also for your exams.

3. Eat well.

No wonder college is a breeding ground for illness. Students are known for not sleeping nor eating right! If you feel you’re starting to get sick, combat the common cold by swapping donuts for a piece of fruit or a Red Bull to kick off your morning for an orange juice.

4. Take a trip to the campus health center if you feel like you’re getting sick.

That’s what they’re there for after all. While some health centers may be notorious for having odd hours or thinking everyone’s pregnant, they’re your best resource when it comes to treating illnesses. They can provide you with common cold remedies and medication.

5. Wash your hands and don’t share.

If there’s ever a time to become a selfish germaphobe, it’s during finals week. If someone offers you a sip of their beer, don’t do it, as this is how illness is spread. And if someone wants a sip of something you have, keep it all for yourself.

Also, stay away from sick friends. This may all sound incredibly rude, but if you want to protect yourself during this stressful time, this is the best way to avoid getting sick. You can hang out with them again after finals—and once they’re healthy.