10 Quick Breakfast Ideas for College Students

As a college student you are constantly on the move. This is especially true in the morning, which leads to many people skipping breakfast. This is a very bad idea for numerous reasons. One of these reasons is that it causes afternoon fatigue, which might cause you to crash in the middle of an important history lecture. Here is a list of 10 quick breakfast meals to jumpstart your day, so you’ll be able to power through even the most boring of classes.

1. Nutella™ ‘n Toast

I’ll start with my usual breakfast. It consists of two slices of toasted wheat bread smothered in creamy Nutella ™ spread. On the side I try to have two servings of fruit, usually pineapple and watermelon. To wash it all down I pour myself a tall glass of milk.

2. Breakfast Burrito

These things are great and they never get boring because you can spice them up by adding different ingredients each time until you find the perfect combo of fillings. You are probably saying to yourself, “this isn’t quick??” Well it is if you cook them the night before and store it in the fridge for reheating the next morning.

3. Hardboiled Eggs

Eggs are super-nutritious and what better way to get the benefits from them, then by cooking up a few the night before so you can crab them and go in the morning. Add a glass of milk and some fruit and yourself a surprisingly healthy breakfast.

The Perfect Egg Timer, thanks Julie! Makes perfect eggs 🙂

4. Granola Bars

If you are super rushed, then these are perfect. Just grab one, unwrap it, and go! No work necessary. You should also try and add some fruit and a healthy drink to make this a better-balanced breakfast, but some food is better than not eating at all.

5. PB&J

This sandwich is normally reserved for lunch or an afternoon snack, but why not make it a delicious breakfast meal? You can easily toast the bread to add a more breakfast “feel” to it. Finish it off with a tall glass of milk and you’re set!

6. Quaker® Oatmeal to Go

This is another great grab-n-go option that takes no effort. They come in many flavors like Banana Bread, Apples w/ Cinnamon, Raspberry Streusel, Oatmeal Raisin, and Brown Sugar and Cinnamon so you’re sure to find a flavor you love. Don’t forget to add a glass of fruit juice or milk.

7. Fruit Smoothie

These are both delicious and healthy and the possibilities are endless with so many fruit choices out there. A simple recipe for this is:

  • 1 cup of frozen Berries
  • 1 banana
  • ½ cup of orange juice, other fruit juice, or water.

8. Egg Sandwich

These are very good and can be eaten pretty easily on the go. Toast up two slices of wheat bread, fry up an egg, spread some mayonnaise, and you’re ready to head out the door.

9. Bagel ‘n Yogurt

Very simple and relatively nutritious, this combo is delicious. Seriously though, just toast up the bagel and add a spread if you would like. Grab a yogurt from the fridge and you’re ready to get to class.

10. Protein Shake

Fire up the blender and mix up some protein powder with some low fat milk. Add some fresh fruit or oatmeal to make it more filling and delicious.


Hopefully this list gave you some ideas of breakfast on the go options. So think twice before you head out the door with an empty stomach. If you have any of your own quick breakfast ideas post them in the comments section.

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