The Importance of Joining Student Clubs in High School

Joining student clubs in high school are not only a fun way to meet new friends and hang out with old friends, they’re also a very important part of your college – and life – preparation.

After you’ve graduated, you started building things to put on your resume based on jobs you’ve held or organizations you’ve been associated with. But when you’re younger, you don’t have those things yet. That’s why high school clubs are so important – they can show a potential college (or potential employer) your interests and involvement.

Constructive Activities

High school can be a very trying time for some, and though you may be lucky to have a school where it’s relatively easy to stay safe and healthy, that’s not always the case. Joining student clubs is one way to show universities or employers that you dedicated yourself to constructive activities in high school, not the dangerous or illegal acts that unfortunately some high school students can get caught up in.

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Demonstrate Enthusiasm

Joining a club in a certain area demonstrates that you have enthusiasm if not passion for the particular subject. This is something that universities and employers really like to see, especially if that subject is something that you would be pursuing as a study, or if it relates to a job you might be doing.

Demonstrate Dedication

One thing that comes not only from joining high school clubs, but being very active to them is being able to demonstrate dedication. It doesn’t do much for your college application if you just list a whole bunch of clubs and activities down the sheet of paper.

You want to be able to say what you did in each club – did you think of ideas or propose a change? Did you hold a leadership role? All of these things can demonstrate that not only were you signed up, but you were actually involved.

Social Growth

Impressing admissions boards and interviewers are good reasons to join high school clubs, but they are certainly not the only reasons! When you join a club, you make a network of friends and potential helpers that otherwise you wouldn’t have known. You’ll have fun experiences with people who have similar interests as you.

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Joining clubs in high school is important for demonstrating your enthusiasm and involvement in constructive activities to people who might be able to let you into college or offer you a job – plus, it’s fun!