How To Stop Procrastinating In College

We all have days where work just doesn’t seem appealing, the secret is to make them few and far between by not denying yourself a good time to constantly hit the books.

One of the hardest things to grip while in college is the healthy line between work and fun. If you know what to do and prepare yourself for the procrastination before it hits, you’ll be ready.

Keep your eye on people

Whenever you have computer work to do, if you have a laptop either don’t use it or take it somewhere with lots of people like a lounge or coffee shop.

By watching all the people coming back to class with your iTunes on full blast you’ll remember what you’re supposed to be doing and feel guilty about not doing it. It’s an instant work boost when everyone around you is being productive and you’re playing solitaire.

Keep at least 3 calendars

This has helped countless times to keep various assignments straight, especially when you have at least 3 on the same day any given week. Plug in all your dates onto a wall calendar for long term projects in front your desk, carry a planner for homework with you to class, and keep your work schedule on your phone.

Set up an online calendar as soon as possible and put all your fun stuff on that so all your friends can see when you’re busy and when you’re not. If you stay on top of things individually it won’t be so overwhelming and you won’t feel the need to cheat and not do your work.

Be responsible

There’s always another week to get together with friends. If it’s between a project that will help you pass a class and a movie marathon or a football game, choose the project. Hard as it is, you’ll have the rest of your four years to party, party, party, but no one wants to repeat a year and get yelled at by their parents for another year of tuition.

Just Relax

When you feel overwhelmed, don’t try to work through it, distract yourself for ten minutes. Set your alarm so you know when the ten minutes are up and do whatever you can to bring down your blood pressure and have a little fun. Don’t forget to breathe.


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