How to Increase the Chances of your Child Graduate from College

Last updated on November 27, 2017

The expense of higher education has increased over the past two decades, and now more than ever, students have to be certain that they will complete college. All parents hope that their college students will finish schooling, but not all students will actually finish.

There are things that parents can do to increase the chances that their child graduates from college. Here are some tips:

1. Encouragement is the key to success.

If your child has enough motivation to succeed, he or she will do so. So, if your child comes home with a few bad grades, make sure that you take the necessary actions to ensure that he or she improves those grades. If your child comes home with very good grades, then praise him or her. Ask about your child’s grades every two weeks or so. However, don’t suffocate your child by making him/her feel that you don’t trust him/her.

2. Be involved in your child’s education.

The more that you help your child, the more likely he/she will succeed. Being involved, however, does not require you to meet with your child’s professors. In fact, this was all left behind when your child graduated from high school. In college, students are expected to become increasingly independent. Even if you cannot speak with your child’s professors directly, it can be a good idea to encourage your child to do so.

3. Make sure that your child completes all the required credits and classes every semester.

Although your child has his/her list of classes that she/he must take, you should also have a list of your own, so that you can keep track if your child forgets to do so. Only tell your child if he/she misses a class. Ask your child about his/her schedule, and then write down that schedule.

4. Encourage your child to attend meetings about class completion and graduation.

What must he/she do to graduate? This is the question that all college students must ask, and they cannot answer it by themselves. So, if you know of any meetings that will help your child realize the answer to this question, encourage your child to attend those meetings.

Graduating from college is not only a fulfilling event for students, but also for their parents. However, most students need their parents’ encouragement and support to graduate. It can keep them motivated, even when times get tough.


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