10 Reasons to Live Off-Campus

Last updated on November 27, 2017

College is an incredible experience, one in which your social skills will grow immensely, your knowledge will be expanded, and your views and beliefs will be tested. One of your big decisions during these years is whether to live on or off campus.

While both living arrangements offer pros and cons, this article provides ten reasons to live off campus.

1. It may be quieter.

College campuses are full of life – and at all times of day and night. The band may be practicing. Or students may be racing their bikes along campus. Perhaps a fraternity house is hosting a loud party. Dorm life is full of all kinds of noises. Living off campus can provide a quieter haven, and that can be helpful during exam week.

2. There are fewer distractions.

While you want to have the full college experience, sometimes it’s good to have fewer distractions. When living off campus, you may find that it’s easier to avoid getting sidetracked by a party right down the hall or a live music show on the campus green.

3. Your living space may be greater.

On-campus living can be cramped, but you can avoid this situation by getting a pad off-campus. You will enjoy the larger bedroom and living areas.

4. Parking is easier.

Parking on campus can be incredibly difficult, and you do not want to rack up a bunch of tickets. Parking off campus is usually much easier, and that’s a definite advantage.

5. Your kitchen is nicer.

For those who enjoy cooking healthy meals, it is likely easier to do so when living off campus. Your kitchen will be normal in size and functionality, allowing you more flexibility with your meals.

6. You can play the music louder!

When you live in a college dorm, your every move can be heard by others. If you live in a house off campus, though, you can play your music much louder. And that’s hugely important when you are in college.

7. It can be cheaper.

In some college towns, it’s cheaper to live off campus. And since most college students are on very tight budgets, paying lower rent can be a huge reason to live away from campus.

8. You may feel more at home.

Some people do not feel at home on a college campus. There are buildings everywhere, and there are people walking around night and day.

If you are such a person, you may feel more at home in an apartment or rented house that is away from the action. You may need a bit of space from school so you can unwind and relax.

9. Visiting friends and family will have a place to stay.

When you live off campus, you are more likely to be able to comfortably house visiting friends and family. That’s a great benefit for all involved.

10. It’s the cool thing.

Living off campus is often considered the cool thing to do. And let’s face it: being cool is important, especially when you are in college!


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