How to Get Good Professors & Survive the Bad Ones

Finding a good college professor is easier than you think. The first semester of your freshman year should be the only time you are stuck with horrible professors. After that it is very important you seek out and choose good professors.

Good professors make class, studying and projects so much better. Hating your professor will usually result in you not caring about the class, and getting bad grades.

It is your job to do your research before you schedule classes to make sure you don’t get stuck with Dr. Evil.

Bad Professors

Tips to avoid getting a bad professor:

  1. Talk to other students that have taken that professor before, ask around and see who is in your major, chances are they at least know or heard about the professors you have to chose from when scheduling classes.
  2. Use it really works! The site lets you search and find a professor at your school and see what other past students have said about him or her. This is one of the best ways to find out which professors are best to take for a course.
  3. Wait a semester. Some professors only teach in the fall, some only in the winter, some take a semester off. Some schools provide summer classes. If it is not required to take a class that semester, and only the horrible professor is left, wait until next semester. You will have better chances of getting the good professor because you will have more credits and you will schedule earlier.

Surviving Bad Professors

Some professors are just evil no matter what. There will be a time when you are stuck with a bad professor.

Your schedule may only have one time slot, and you must take a specific class that semester, or the “bad” professor is the only professor that teaches that class, and it’s required.

Just remember it is only for one semester, and try to be as friendly and nice as possible. Check out our tips to get on your professor’s good side page. You may hate your professors guts, but keeping your feelings to yourself and pretending to be friendly can be the difference between an A and a B, or passing and failing.

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