How to Deal with Difficult Professors

Professors are human, and some tend to judge students by the way they act and behave. Usually, if you treat your professor with respect, they will, in turn, treat you with respect. If you take your schooling seriously and do the best work you can, your teacher should be responsive.

Take an active and positive role in the classroom. Here are a few tips for doing just that:

  • Try to come to class early.
  • Do not forget your books, notes and homework.
  • Come to class prepared.
  • Distractions will be reduced if you sit at the front of the classroom or towards the head of the class. This also shows your instructor you are serious about your learning process.
  • Take good notes and pay attention.
  • Be sure to participate in class and voluntarily answer questions.
  • Do not be afraid to ask intelligent questions when you are confused.
  • Do your very best to resist peer pressure to misbehave.
  • Treat your professors with respect and courtesy.

Professors like to know the time they dedicate to education and to teaching their class is being well receivedThey are people too and need to know they are appreciated once in a while. Let them know of your appreciation for all the time they give with helping students before and after class.

  • Inquire about your professor when the timing is right on a casual level.
  • Always treat your professor with respect and they will respond to you better.
  • Show a genuine interest in the class subject and material.
  • Offer your assistance when you can if you notice the professor is overloaded and could use a bit of help by assisting another student. This is also true if a professor could use an extra hand with passing out the material or other small tasks.
  • Do not be afraid to offer suggestions of things you may notice that would help the class to run more smoothly.
  • At the end of a semester, write your professor a thank you note to let them know how much you appreciate the education you received from them. Point out extra special qualities they may have or special ways they added to your experience with the class.

Be sure to follow directions closely and learn what their pet peeves might be such as students who are constantly forgetting to write their names on homework and term papers. Be careful not to be a part of those pet peeves. Think of them on holidays. A simple card is a very thoughtful gesture.

If you are having difficulties with your professor, do not be timid in asking what you can do to improve the situation.


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