Asking A Friend To Provide You With A Sample Phd Dissertation

Has someone you know promised to supply you with a sample PhD dissertation in order to help you with your own? It may be a family member, a classmate, or just a friend you know. How do you know it will be the right sample for what you need? Consider some of the following errors students make when it comes to sourcing PhD dissertation samples.

Getting It Cheap

Things that are cheap are usually… well, cheap. A cheap PhD dissertation sample may be a paper that was either written by an amateur, or one that has been used as a public example to many other students elsewhere. Either way, you’re not going to get a quality sample that can actually help you to write your own paper. You need something that is well formatted and structured correctly if it’s going to serve the purpose you are getting it for.

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Sloppy Seconds (or Thirds, Or Fourths)

A very good reason not to get a PhD dissertation from a friend is because there are many dissertations examples floating around that have been bought by students and resold to others. This is sometimes done years later and often more than once. Do you really want a second hand dissertation sample that’s been pulled apart by someone else, or would you rather get a fresh, new, relevant, contemporary one?

Unique Needs

In terms of the contemporary changes of your subject, as well as the particulars of your topics, you will certainly want a dissertation sample that caters for exactly what you need. Getting some cheap dissertation sample that’s been used by someone else, or written by an amateur, will only serve to frustrate you if it doesn’t sing the same tune as the one you’re trying to write.

If you are going to ask a friend for help, rather ask him or her where you can get a new PhD dissertation sample. Get a good recommendation from someone who has experience sourcing them and consult that company about pricing and options.

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At the end of the day, if it doesn’t work out, your friendship may be affected too. Rather leave the dissertation sample writing to the professionals and get one from a writing company that knows the ropes. By the end of the semester, you’ll be glad you too k the extra effort to source something that actually affected your score positively.