7 Study Areas for College Students

Last updated on November 27, 2017

Whether its time to cram at the last minute for your midterm or you just want to get some homework done, finding a place where you can be productive for long periods of time can be a challenge. There are several options, and where you get your best work done depends on your preferences. Here are some suggestions.

1. Library

The is probably the most obvious and popular study area on campus. Often times the library has reading rooms and separate meeting areas where you can meet partners for group work. Some parts of the library are loud and some extremely quiet. Choose the place that best suits you.

2. Labs

If you’re a scientist of some kind, you’re probably going to spend a ton of time in your labs anyway. Might as well do all of your homework there then pitch a tent and start paying rent to the school.

3. Coffee Shop

Another popular place to study if you can find a table. It’s always nice to study in a coffee shop, that way if you get hungry you can get something to eat and if your philosphy book is lulling you to sleep, you can grab a coffee.

4. University Union

Most campuses have a central Student’s union with comfy couches and tables for meeting with friends. This isn’t usually the quietest of places, but if you’re just meeting for a group project, it can work just fine.

5. Grass Lawns

On a sunny day, nothing beats studying outdoors on the grass. Usually its only good for reading, but nowadays many schools have WiFi networks so you can bust out your laptop and start surfing the web.

6. The Beach

If you’re lucky enough to go to school near the beach, you can always go out there and get some sun while reading a book. A lot of students usually go to the beach with the intent of reading, but fall asleep just minutes after opening the book.

7. Your Room

It doesn’t get any more private than studying in your room (unless you have a roommate). The only bad part about your room is that it can be distracting if you’re sucked into the computer or TV.


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