How to Change College Roommates

Before you make the decision to change roommates, perhaps you should first consider a few things about how to get along with a college roommate. You might want to think about creative ways to deal with the problems you are currently experiencing. After all, it can be easier and give you a good feeling of your ability to work through minor situations if you are able to rectify them.

Do keep in mind that some of the best friendships that have lasted over a lifetime, are between people who met in college and roomed together.

There are a number of these friendships which began on somewhat of a rocky ground but they were able to work through it and get past it. And thankfully so, since most will tell you they would not trade their friendship for anything in the world.

So why don’t you give your personal situation with your present roommate some thought and see if there aren’t a few other things you can try before throwing in the towel. This is especially true if this happens to be your first year in college or first experience away from home.

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Being considerate goes a long way in roommate situations.

  • Always wait for all of the roommates to be present before laying claim to a part of the dorm room, a certain bedroom or specific bed.
  • Always turn out the lights at a reasonable hour.
  • Get yourself a pair of earplugs to listen to your favorite music when you know your roommate is studying for a major test.
  • When you know your roommate is not feeling well, take the gang or poker game you have planned to another friends dorm room.
  • Always be tidy and make it a habit to clean up after yourself and to put your belongings away.
  • Be considerate when it comes to the dating scene.

There will always be differences among people.

  • Give the relationship some time before making your decision to change roommates.
  • Do not borrow things without first asking and getting permission. And always return the item in a timely manner and in the condition it was in when you asked to use it.
  • Unless your roommate has offered to share food with you do not automatically assume it is there for you to eat.
  • Take responsibility for yourself and do not expect your roommate to be your caretaker.
  • Learn to communicate well instead of letting a lot of little things fester until you end up exploding. Talk about them as they happen or very soon after.
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Most of all, be honest and be yourself. It is difficult for two people to get to know each other if you are not being yourself.

Get a room transfer right away if you find your roommate is involved with or engaging in dangerous or illegal activity.

Even if you are not participating you could still end up getting arrested or being affected by the situation. If you find you and your roommate can not live together any longer, follow the next suggestions.

  • Appeal to a higher authority.
  • Talk to your resident adviser or your RA. They can give you advice and even provide helpful counseling.
  • See the residence hall director or assistant hall director if the problem goes beyond what an RA can deal with and take care of. They will assist you with making the transfer arrangements.