A Guide to Having a Good Time in College

Going to college can be the best experience of your life. It will be a time of learning and opening your mind. And your social will be killer Dude!

With all the opportunities you will have to meet new people and make new friends, you have the possibility of being nominated for the most outgoing person on campus.

Here is the ultimate guide to college social life:

Right Attitude

College is a time of major changes, challenges and a time of gaining independence and becoming a responsible adult. You have to create a positive attitude to make new friends.

If you have a bad attitude, you will attract people who have similar attitudes. And then you will end up becoming the unhappy kids that everyone else will steer away from.

Jump into college with everything you have, and have a great time. Enjoy your college experience because you will never have the opportunity to go on spring break with all those college hotties ever again.

Get Involved

Join everything that interests you. Don’t over join though, because then you won’t have enough time to go to all those parties!

Find your student activities director and ask tons of questions. Figure out what you can join that has the right fit for your schedule. Join the college newspaper, or swim team or start a morning jogging group.

With so many different people with varied interests, you will be certain to make friends with people who share your interests. But, you have to get out of that dorm room first!

Hang Ten!

Hang out at the local college hangout place. This could be a local bar or a local coffee shop. If this is a small college town, your chances of making friends are even better! Why?

Because there are fewer places to go, and you will bump into students from your classes. Local restaurants, art museums, local thrift shops, local laundry mats, are great places to see kids from school.

Start a conversation; after all, you only live once.

Hang out at the place where the most students hang out and be the social butterfly. Go to the school cafeteria, or restaurant, the college gym, library, or the front steps of school.

Dress Differently

Stay away from wearing the standard college outfit. A t-shirt, hoodie, pajama pants and flip-flops look really attractive to the opposite sex. NOT! You will blend in with the crowd.

Try something innovative and dress differently than everyone else. Wear affordable good- looking clothes so that people will notice you, and then you can make tons of friends. Inexpensive clothing can be found at any thrift store in town.

You want to look good because this is a great place to meet your future soul mate. You won’t need an Internet dating service when you are in college. Dress for success and the opposite sex will flock to your desk.

Get a Job!

By getting an on-campus job you can become the most popular person on campus!

By working in the campus store, library, or tutoring center, other students will see you; recognize you and you have an easy way to make new friends.

You can help friends buy used books; you can tutor new friends and make money in the process. People will recognize you and you can become very popular by gaining the attention garnered with your new job.

By volunteering to be a leader for various on-campus activities and organizations you will make new friends by bossing people around.

Final Word

College social life is there for the asking just by joining groups, starting your own, and participating in everything your schedule can handle.

College only lasts for a few short years, and then reality strikes, so enjoy it the best five years of your life!

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