College Survival 101

College can be a very trying experience for a student fresh out of high school, but it can be very rewarding if approached wisely and with some measure of caution. Granted you don’t wish to be so paranoid that you begin to alienate the people around you, but one should not go into any situation with rose colored glasses.

For Female Students

Young women especially need to take heed to the environment and individuals around them in order to avoid trouble.

Let us say you make some new friends, and they invite you to a frat party, this should scream danger in your mind because college parties often involve heavy amounts of drugs and alcohol which if you make the choice to go down that road will likely be your road for the rest of your natural life.

Anything can happen when you start hanging out with the wrong crowd of “friends” like if a guy gets you a beer at a party, and then what’s to say that he is not slipping some ruffies in your drink when you are not looking? You might wake up in a dumpster naked and infected with aids or even pregnant!

For Male Students

Guys also should not think that just because they are men does not mean that they are somehow immune to being raped by other men at those same frat parties it is just something that most guys don’t talk about or consider.

Best to get your own drinks and watch how much you consume so that you can keep your mind on getting past the experience in one piece or better yet just don’t even go to the party at all.

Young male college students should also realize that the things they decide to do at the parties they go to may not stay at the party for very long and they could end with sexually transmitted diseases, a child, or being labeled a sex offender for one to many stupid choices in the heat of the moment.

General Tips

College students should also be familiar with campus security and any warnings issued by the news or other media about prowlers targeting young college women or men for that matter.

It would be wise to wield some type of chemical mace on your person or any other campus approved deterrent that will buy you time to get help or escape the situation.

When traveling at night, you should do so in a group with sober friends that you are able to vouch for and not someone you only have known for about two or three hours.

Carry a working cell phone with you at all times so if you need to call campus security or the police so you can do so without delay.

Terrorist Threats

Another vital thing to look out for is that if a student makes terrorist threats about the school you should report that person immediately or one day that the same person may be pointing a gun at your head ready to pull the trigger.

Too often people do not report things like this because they dismiss it as a joke or just think the person is blowing steam which is negligence on your part, and the blood will be on your hands just as much as it is on the shooter’s hands.

Remember to always be safe or one day you may be sorry!

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