How To Prevent Yourself from Getting Lost on Campus

Right around this time of year (September), you may notice that there are several new students around campus looking a little lost, which is natural since the school year just started and students aren’t familiar with the campus yet.

Use this article as a guide to make sure you don’t look silly and prevent yourself from getting lost on campus.

  • Use the map they give you during orientation and keep it throughout your college career. It’s always good to have a solid back-up with you, especially when campuses are notorious for quick renovations without telling students. A big university in a populated city
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the other students, ever. It’s better to ask then sprint in the wrong direction across campus and find out your in the wrong building. Formalize your schedule so its always with you, that way when you do ask, you can show them a physical piece of proof.
  • Take trips before class to familiarize yourself with your rooms. Always take the time during orientation to go to all of your classrooms by yourself, making sure you know the directions and if the classrooms have changed since you got your schedule. This will also give you time to get to know the building secretaries and then you have an inside source for any office supplies you need all year.
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Take deep breathes. Remember to be patient with yourself, you won’t get everything right away. Part of being a freshman or transfer is making mistakes.