5 Ways to Make Friends in College

Last updated on November 27, 2017

Making friends in college can be either easy or difficult depending on each individual situation though some steps can make it easier than other’s can.

Here are a few options that can make the task of making more friends easier for college students.

1. Hanging out in the student union can be an obvious place to hang out and in many cases, just hanging out there is not any guarantee of making more friends.

Interacting during events in this area can help in finding some commonalities among you and other students leading to friendships.

Many colleges and universities have things such as movie nights, karaoke, game nights and the like which can be obvious areas where new friends can be found.

2. Hanging out in areas where many students with similar majors hang out is another simple and obvious choice because it often works.

For example hanging out in the music and theater department makes finding like-minded friends who are both fun to hang out with and connections for future work options as many of these students are more inclined to hiring/working with familiar individuals some call it nepotism.

3. Study groups can be another option as working with fellow students who are struggling with some of the similar homework can be a bonding experience.

Your strong suit in one particular area of study can lead to exchanges where friendship is sure to ensue as a result.

Don’t be afraid to admit you need help in an area, as this commonality will be the one area many students suffer from and bond over.

4. Local late night diners can be another cheap and easy place to locate other individuals that make great friendships.

Laughing over a late night pizza or hamburger is always fun and a bonding experience for everyone.

Students can take turns buying, exchange ideas, meet and greet in these local settings designed to encourage students to hang out and feel like they are home.

5. Local laundromats are another place where finding like-minded college friends and even some non-college student acquaintances alike.

Everyone has to do laundry at some point and talking while waiting for the washing and drying to be done can allow for some great bonding experiences.

Who doesn’t enjoy a laugh while fluffing and folding?

There is no steadfast rule at making more friends in college other than don’t be too shy or making friends will not likely ever happen.

Be friendly, open and honest with your future friends, as being a fake person to be liked will certainly backfire in the end.

Just remember friends should be fun, caring and great to hang out with whether studying, partying or just hanging out in the dorms.


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