Benefits of Working for the Student Union at College

Last updated on November 27, 2017

Each year, students swarm the campuses of local colleges and universities seeking an education in a variety of areas. Many of these students are financially strapped, living on a budget that often leaves very little wiggle-room for anything besides the basics. An on-campus job at the Student Union can offer many benefits for the student that is looking to earn some extra money.

A few perks of working for the Student Union at college:


The student union is the hub of the campus. Most Student Unions offer students, employees, and faculty a wide range of places to eat and shop. With the price of fuel on the rise, it makes sense to work close to home. For students living near campus or within the dorms, the Student Union is the perfect place to work. For those students that commute to campus, working at the Student Union can be convenient. After all, once class is dismissed, it is usually a short walk to the Union where a shift waits to be worked.

Variety of work

The Student Union is not just a place to grab a meal or a cup of coffee. Most Student Unions are hubs of activity that offer an assortment of businesses and services to the campus community. From restaurants to retail shops, the Student Union has something for everyone. This variety ensures that a hardworking student could secure a position in areas as vast as technology, retail, customer service, food/beverage, public relations, banking, and more.

Flexible hours

Even during summer, school is in session on the college campus, and university employees are hard at work. Therefore, Student Union staff must be available to serve customers at all times of the day and year. Jobs at the Student Union are often able to accommodate the flexible hours that students need. Most hiring managers within the Student Union are accustomed to this need to be flexible. Therefore, chances are good that an employee can obtain the flexible hours that they need in order to fit work and school into their schedule.

Social perks and school spirit

A college campus is like a mini-city within itself. The hub of activity is often the Student Union. Working on-campus is similar to a small town atmosphere with a vibe and flavor all its own. College athletics offers camaraderie among staff and students, especially on big “game days,” and it is likely that a student employee will see familiar faces from classes or the lecture hall. Working at the Student Union can offer some social perks and a sense of school spirit that another type of position (off-campus) may not share.

Employee discounts and experience

Many establishments within the Student Union offer employee discounts for their staff. A free meal or a 20% discount on retail items can likely go far for the student that is working and going to school at the same time. Depending on the university, some positions may offer tuition reduction benefits. Either way, gaining work experience of any type is a valuable lesson that cannot be taught inside the lecture halls of the college campus.

Individuals that work while going to school have a strong chance of applying that experience to full-time employment once they graduate and move beyond the boundaries of the campus community.


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