Foreign Language Activities in High School

When you love speaking a foreign language, it’s great to belong to a foreign language club in your high school. But just belonging to a club isn’t all that exciting – your club needs activities to engage and challenge you. If your high school foreign language club is stuck when it comes to activity ideas, check out a few of these suggestions to get you started.

Foreign food fest

Food is one of the most fun aspects to learn about when you’re studying a different culture. Have your club plan a day to bring in different samples of dishes from the region whose language you’re learning to speak. If you have a large school with many different foreign language clubs, you could try to coordinate so that there are many varieties to try. Depending on your club’s resources and desires, this could be opened up to the whole school as a fundraiser, or it could just be a one-time special event for club members.

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Language spelling bee

Plan a spelling bee completely in the foreign language of your choice to be held during the club. You can offer prizes and ask teachers of all the foreign language classes that share your language of choice to let their students know about it. Not only is this a great way to have fun, but it can also be a fun way to recruit people from the classes to join your club.

Foreign film

Collaborate with others in your club to write, direct, act, and film a short movie or commercial entirely in the foreign language of your choice. Not only is this project a lot of fun, but the finished film itself can become part of everyone’s portfolio (make sure to add all your names in the credits!)

Volunteer work

Though volunteer work may not have anything to do directly with the language you study, offering your time to the community in the name of your club helps to create good community will toward the club as well as feeling good about doing something for your community.

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A trip

The ultimate activity for any foreign language club is to take a trip to whatever region’s language they are studying. This will likely take many months (or even years) of hard work at fundraisers, but when you reach your goal the experience is definitely worth it. See your faculty advisor to help you with planning trips to get the best experience possible.

Sitting around speaking a foreign language is fun, but participating in activities with your foreign language club is better. Try some of these ideas or come up with your own.