4 Reasons 4 Years of High School is the best Time of your Life

High school is the best four years of a young adult’s life. Unfortunately, not a single one knows it. Then one day, bills need to be paid, deadlines need to be met, and time can’t be wasted. Only then, do they realize what they have taken for granted and what they’ll never get back. The reasons that life of yesteryear ousts the present day become overwhelmingly abundant.

1. You get to find out what you’re good at

During these four years, you start to find your niche’. Be it astronomy or anatomy, football or chess, drama or band, you can take your pick and see if your talent lies within them. High school offers a teen the chance to be good at something and to showcase those talents to family and friends. Hard work and dedication in any extracurricular activity can help transform a child into a strong and confident adult. It can even set a pathway for them to follow throughout their lives. It is important to be good at something and to find out what that is early in life. You can build upon that confidence in other endeavors as well and in return, become a better human being.

It also allows for a little healthy competition. To be your best takes hard work and young adults need to be prepared for failure if only to learn to rise above it. You have to earn praise and recognition. During these years a parent’s pride can overflow. you may never get that kind of support from anyone else again. In adult life, the grand stands come down and nobody cares what you’ve done. there is always more to do.

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2. You get to find love… and lose it

Now, not everyone finds love, but we would be surprised if there wasn’t at least one high schooler that didn’t have a crush or longing for another classmate at one time or another. That longing, that desire, and the daydreams that accompany them, those new feelings themselves are what are to be cherished. You’ll never love anyone like you do your first love. You damn sure won’t forget them. With love comes pain and heartache which are to also be valued. Few ever meet the one they are meant to be with while they are in high school, but most probably shouldn’t. You have to build up to the one that’s forever.

After high school, the pizazz of dating can start to dwindle. Nothing ever compares to that first kiss or that first time. It all loses its innocence. The acts of courtship can become routine and a little depressing at times. You find yourself wondering what happened to that first love more and more. And when you realize that if you ever found them, it would still never bring you back to that moment in time. That moment that will never be again.

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3. You don’t have to work

If you do work, you don’t have to pay any bills. Today as adults we always have something to pay for. Very few of us are without debt and whether we like to admit it or not, it is a weight on our shoulders and a burden on our minds. We find ourselves stuck in jobs that we would have never imagined doing and we do them only to make ends meet. We won’t quit them, especially in this day and age because we can’t count on there being anything else out there. We are stuck. And that leads into the last reason high school is the best time of our lives.

4. You still have dreams

Before this world rips them away, you still have dreams. You’re young and strong enough to do anything. You’ll dream of living in Italy or singing in a Broadway show. Maybe you will play professional sports or star in a movie. You will photograph tigers in India and have a cabin in the mountains you call home. While you are a teen in high school, all of these things seem attainable. The only thing that will keep you from fulfilling those dreams are the actions you take toward making them happen. That’s called life.

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A choice here, another there, and you’re on a road you had no intention of traveling. Suddenly you’re in the same town you grew up in, you’re working the graveyard shift, your abs have been replaced with a beer gut, and you’re wondering how to get your family medical coverage. To top it all off you’re thirty. Now, your only hope for the future lies in your children. You hope their dreams come true. The only thing left to do is work like a dog to help them get what they want out of life and hope they know the good times when they’re living them.

Regardless of how life turns out in comparison with what we expected, it is uniquely our own. Any mistakes avoided, or things not done and said, would take away from who we are today. Those four years of high school help to prepare us for the life we have now.