Do-It-Yourself Gift for High School Friends

If you are a high school senior, over the next few months, you may be very money-conscious, all in an effort to save money for your first semester of college.

Luckily, graduation parties and gifts often help out with some of the expenses and necessities, but what if you want to get something for your fellow high school friends who are graduating?

How do you get them something nice without breaking the bank?

Here are 5 do-it-yourself gift ideas that are both thoughtful and thrifty:

1. Memory Jar

Those movie ticket stubs from seeing The Vow with a group of teary-eyed girlfriends? Don’t throw them away just yet! Add a photo of said group of friends or some other things that remind you of fun times, and put them all in a canning jar, according to Giftypedia. You can also throw in some funny quotations, too.

2. Week-long Care Package

Since you won’t be able to be with some of your friends during their first week of classes, make them a week-long care package to take with them, with a new envelope to open each day (with a cute item, of course).

3. Quote Wall Art

Is there something funny that your friends always used to say? Do you have an inside joke that still hasn’t played itself out? Turn it into wall art! All you need is some paper, paint, and the memory.

4. Huge frame of friends

Once you get to college, you may be feeling a little homesick for familiar faces and scenery. For this gift, all you need is a frame (you can even get some that are cheaper from consignment shops) and photos of your friends or even photos of your favorite things (celebrities, movies, etc.). You can create a collage in the frame, with a barrage of memories, which should help curb homesickness come fall.

5. Bucket of Memories

For this one, all you need is a plastic bucket or a container with a lid (you can decorate it, too) and friends to throw in their favorite memories on slips of paper.

For any of these gifts, all you need is a little time, some craftiness, but most of all, heart.

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