Speech Ideas for High School Graduation

What will your speech ideas for your high school graduation be about? High School Graduation is a night your peers will always remember! Schools are now having 300 – 400 students graduating in one night. Speakers have to keep their speeches somewhat short.

Your speech, for the high school graduating class, is one of the most important things. This is the most listened to speech heard by your graduating class. It is an honor that you have been chosen to speak to your classmates. Take this honor seriously.

There are a lot of things as a speaker you can talk about. Try and use some humor. Think about your classmates and the most memorable things you have accomplished together as a class. Is there something funny to talk about, so you do not talk about something boring, and can you leave your classmates inspired? Remind them of good things that happened and remind them of things you as a class have gone through together. Talk about things that happened worldwide.

1. Include stories that most of the students will remember.

Maybe there was something that happened to a teacher, or a special teacher that made your high school days the best they could ever be. Is there a story that all the students would love to hear about? Maybe you can talk about something to do with a favorite teacher.

2. Remember to keep the story tasteful as this is a special occasion, and keep it somewhat formal at the same time, while making it memorable too.

Graduation is a major milestone you have accomplished together. Think about your classmates while giving your speech, and the parents, and grandparents that have supported your class all these years, that are here for this joyous occasion.

3. Are you the 100th class graduating?

This is a great way to talk about history. Make something of this significance well known. That is something special your class will always remember. Major events that have happened during your school year are things that should be recognized. There are so many things to remember.

4. Be encouraging about the future!

A lot of your classmates still have not decided what to do after high school, and if you are sincere they will listen to you about the future! Use a quote. Here is a quote from, Tom Brokaw, “You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world”. There are so many quotes. There are life quotes and future quotes and dreams quotes. Make it one that they will want to remember!

By giving a speech with personal things your classmates can relate too, you are creating great memories! There are so many speech ideas for your high school graduation. Hopefully, you can make your speech the greatest one yet, by inspiring your classmates!

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