Benefits of Mock Trial for High School Students

A mock trial can be very useful for high school students. It can help students learn a lot about how our legal system works.

There are different benefits to this activity, which include the following.

1. It can teach the children about the legal system.

A mock trial is a wonderful way to teach the children about the legal system. There are many intricacies within the law system. A mock trial can be a good way to show these. The children can see an actual simulation of how a trial will go. They can learn what it is like to really act like a lawyer or a judge.

2. Many children learn better by doing than by hearing

A lot of classrooms simply involve lecture after lecture. A lot of high school students just tune out lectures. They may find them boring or just have difficulty paying attention. Even answering questions or having group discussions may not be enough to draw students in. With a mock trial, the students are truly actively participating. A lot of students will learn much better in this way because they might become more involved. They will be playing a part and in doing so they will really see how the legal system works in this country. For a lot of students, this will not be as monotonous as many of the other teaching methods are. A lot of times students appreciate this creativity.

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3. It can get children interested in careers in the legal system.

There are many wonderful jobs in the legal system that high school students might consider as a career path. A mock trial can help give them exposure to the legal system and the different positions that children can have within them. They might become interested after participating in a mock trial. It also might help those who are already interested in it to become better acquainted with it.

4.It might make a student think twice about doing a crime.

Seeing how a trial works and what they could be subjected to if they should break the law might motivate some students not to break the law. It might drive home how serious crimes can be and what big trouble they could get into if they should decide to perpetrate a crime.

A mock trial is a wonderful way for high school students to learn about law and the legal system. The above points are the benefits of such an exercise.