Adjusting to College Life as a Freshman

As an incoming college freshman, you are dealing with uncertainty. Because you are about to take on a new experience, you do not know what to expect. Although the prospect of attending a university may seem daunting at this time, you should quickly get through it okay if you take the necessary steps. You will learn advice for adjusting to life as a college freshman.

1) You will rarely have any homework to do, if ever.

If you have always loved doing homework, you might miss not having it at first; but, you will quickly get over it. You can use this extra time to study a little more. You also have the option of using it to have some fun. Your life should not consist of only doing work.

2) You will now be on your own.

Your teachers will not pamper you, walk around the classroom to check up on you or chase you down to get you on track and tell you what you must do to improve your grades. It will be up to you to apply yourself and find out everything you must do to succeed.

3) College is much tougher than high school.

You will certainly have to learn how to study effectively, attend each class and take notes. You will not be able to get away with sitting in the classroom without taking good notes on the most important points in the lectures.

4) You will have plenty of writing to do.

You can expect to be assigned to write at least four or five term papers for almost all of your courses. Some of your professors might make you write at least one paper that consists of six to ten pages. You will have to type your papers instead of writing them by hand.

5) You must get used to paying for books and tuition.

You can reduce the amount of time you spend in line by getting your books before the first day of classes. In addition to applying for financial aid through your school, you can make going to school more affordable by getting part-time work on campus.

6) You will have more social opportunities than ever.

It will be up to you to participate in campus activities and try to make friends with others on campus without waiting for them to try to get to know you. If you opt to live in the dorm, you must get along with your roommates.

Heed the advice you have learned to quickly make a successful adjustment as a college freshman!


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