5 Reasons Teenagers Drop out of School

Many teenagers drop out of school seemingly right before they would graduate. What possesses them to drop out so near to graduation? Why would they want to throw it all away?

1. Boredom

Many teens are simply bored with school. Either there is no longer any challenge to the school work or they are no longer interested in completing school work.

For these teens, a program like Running Start, where teens attend a local community college during part of their school day, will help keep them interested.

Teens that attend programs like this can often graduate high school with an associate’s degree in hand. Moving on up the ladder more quickly than their peers, they’ve simply outgrown high school at an earlier age than many of their peers. Showing teens this alternate path will go far in lowering the dropout rate.

2. Bullying

Bullying is a major cause of teens dropping out of school. No one likes to be picked on day in and day out. No one should have to put up with it, either.

Although some teens try suicide to get away from bullying, many will simply drop out of school and hide from life.

If bullying is suspected, a meeting with the school and the teen will often help find a way to resolve this issue.

Everyone has a right to an education.

Bullies need to be held accountable for their actions and stop disrupting teens’ educations with their actions.

3. Stress

High school can be very stressful. It’s hard to fit in with peers, and some teens feel as if no one will ever like them.

Trying to measure up can be a major cause of stress in a teen’s life.

Helping teens to realize that all of life can be stressful and there is good and bad stress will go far in helping them eliminate this reason for dropping out of school.

4. Poverty

More common in the depression era, poverty still remains a cause for teens dropping out of school.

Single-parent households tend to rule in these situations, and these teens are simply trying to make up for lost income from the loss or absence of a parent.

While teens should be encouraged to help out, they should never be required to drop out of school to do so.

5. Pregnancy

Many a teenage girl has dropped out of school early to have a baby. Often the duties of motherhood are so overwhelming that these girls simply don’t make it back to school without a lot of encouragement.

Larger cities sometimes have programs to help these young women finish high school and provide for their children while doing so. Every effort should be made to look into these programs.

Young men may drop out of school to help support their teenage wife or girlfriend that has had the baby.

While these young men do need to be responsible for a child, they will be further ahead if they are able to graduate from school first.

There are many programs available to help youth in these situations and it’s wise to check into them as soon as there is knowledge of pregnancy.


Although some teens do fine after dropping out of school early, this is the exception to the rule.

On average, teens that drop out of school will earn a lower wage over their lifetime and struggle more financially.

Every effort should be made to encourage the youth of today to finish school and graduate.

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