How to Make Good Grades in High School (without Cheating)

It is the aim of every rational student to graduate from school in flying colors. The approach to go about achieving this noble objective of excellent academic performance differs from one student to the other. This can be from working hard at studying to prepare for examinations or looking for a cheap and crooked way to make good grades.

Cheating is not a decent way to make good grade. Cheating in examination or continuous assessment can come in various ways such as copying a fellow student’s homework assignment, undiscovered plagiarism, taking excerpt into the examination hall, having a discussion in the examination hall and all manner of unethical tendencies during tests and exams.

A student can make excellent grades without cheating in the examination or any form of assessment. This is possible by embracing the following tips:

1. Make it a philosophy of life that you will get good grades by merit.

When this becomes part of your thinking, hard work will become natural for you. Diligence is only possible if there are a strong desire and determination. The moment you decide to go through the shortcut to excellence, you will lose the drive to work hard at studying. A positive mindset will also be a great asset for making good grades without cheating.

2. Attend all the classes.

This will make it easy for you to recollect at least 60% of the curriculum content taught. This approach will make you focus on being your best and not looking for a way to get to the top of the class by crooked means. Most schools have a percentage score for attendance. So being present in class will ensure that you comprehend the content and also get the grade for attendance.

3. Take every assignment, term paper and project seriously.

If you do well with these continuous assessments, you will find yourself calm preparing for examination and not think of ways to cheat.

4. Maintain a healthy company of friends.

If your friends are hard working and candid students, you will be encouraged to stay on track as regards your studies. Make it clear to your friends before attempting any assessment or writing any examination that you will not be involved in either passive or active cheating. Unless a clear cut and well-communicated intention to stay clear of cheating is made known to your friends, you may cave in to the pressure to cheat during an examination, test or quiz.

5. Have a functional study group.

A Study group helps facilitate the impetus to be your best without cheating. This group will also challenge you to work harder and not be an average student. A functional study group will set goals for every member and also categorically have an ethics code.

The tips above will help you avoid cheating and make you work hard diligently while preparing for tests and examination.

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