10 Worst College Essay Topics You Should Never Write About

Before completing college, you will have written numerous essays. However, there are topics that are forbidden and will only lower your grade. These topics have been released by specialist after thorough study. They will fetch the lowest mark if at all you will be lucky to get any. They diminish your chances of getting any good grade.

Top 10 terrible essay topics for college

  1. Sex and romance in school
  2. Students should be given more freedom when in school
  3. There should be more time to play than stay in class
  4. The latest natural disaster
  5. What I did in middle school
  6. My worst dream
  7. Fast food outlets should be closed
  8. Why we need a third day on weekends
  9. The morning I invented the M16
  10. Children should be allowed to vie for national political offices

The worst college essay ideas are regarded as such because of several flaws or reasons

Lack of Originality: numerous other students have written on them using similar arguments and perspectives. They therefore do not add any value to the world of academics. They are only an option to the lazy students who have failed to be creative.

No New Information: there is hardly any new information you will produce when writing about sex or relationships in college. It will only result into one of the most horrible essays ever written in college.

Nothing Captivating: everyone has done the cheeky things hyped by every middle school pupil. You will add no value by retelling the story considering that other people may have done more exciting things. Middle school adventures therefore become a part of horrible essay topics ever.

Lack in Depth: nothing much can be said about some of these topics regardless of your presentation or language skills. Some of the stories are actually invented by lazy college students who have ignored the place of creativity in education. The lack of depth makes it torturous to read your paper.

Inappropriate Language: you must understand the language required in academic work. Swear words and others sensitive words must be kept out of your paper. Foreign language can only be used if the instructions indicate that.

For any college essay to be outstanding, you must choose a topic that is original and interesting to read. Avoid the common topics that are devoid of any creativity. Topics that have been repeated for years will only lower the quality of your work.

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