10 Tips for Developing Friendships in College

Being a freshman in college offers many challenges. One of these is how to develop new friendships.

These are ten easy methods to follow in making friends during your first year in College.

1. You must remember that it is not only you who is nervous and fidgety about this new phase in your life.

There others who are also fresh from high school and are new to college – just like you. They’re nervous too! They might even be more nervous than you are. Once you understand this, you’ll feel more relaxed.

2. Smile!

A smile goes a long way and speaks a thousand words. It says: “Hi, I’m ready to be your friend, if you allow me to.”

3. Learn how to initiate and sustain conversations.

Be a good conversationalist by listening to what others can say about themselves. Keep the conversation going by asking about their interests and concepts of things around them. Avoid monopolizing the conversation. In the end, they’ll say you’re a good conversationalist, even when all you did – was to listen to them.

4. Be sincere in anything you do.

People can see through you. No one wants a person who has a false front.

5. Be generous with praise and slow with criticism.

Nobody wants to be criticized, especially by people they barely know.

6. Be helpful.

If you know the way to the library and others do not, then accompany them to the library. If you understand the lesson better, then you can volunteer to tutor others too. They’ll be grateful for this favor.

7. Try to invite others to your activity and likewise join in their activities.

If they are members of the English club and you’re also interested in writing, then don’t hesitate to join them. Doing things together develops strong bonds because of the sense of belongingness due to the similar experiences people are exposed to.

8. Don’t be a lousy roommate and don’t be a pig.

Clean up after your activities. Pick up your bathrobe and towel after your shower. No one wants to be your maid.

9. Be there when they need someone to talk to.

Just listen and don’t offer any advice unless they specifically ask this from you. Sometimes all someone needs is a sympathetic ear.

10. Lastly be that true friend that you want others to be.

Be that best friend first, before you can expect others to be your friend.

In the end, these tips are useless if you don’t “act” them out. Give each one a tick when you can do them.

Make your freshman year memorable by following these very simple steps which could develop rich and lasting friendships.

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