10 Things NOT To Do During Senior Year of High School

1. Do NOT let second-semester slide.

Despite popular belief, second-semester grades do count, especially for students placed on a waitlist.

An improvement in grades or a new accomplishment in an extracurricular activity can make a big difference on your application status.

2. Do NOT fluff your resume.

Adding eight new extracurricular activities in September will set off red flags in the minds of admissions officials.

Pick one or two and fully devote your time to them instead.

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3. Do NOT get overwhelmed.

Senior year is very stressful, between grades, club responsibilities, and college applications.

Take a break to spend time with friends and family who you won’t be seeing as often in the coming years.

4. Do NOT let your parents call the university on your behalf.

College is a time for independence. Start early and advocate for yourself throughout the college process.

Your parents will not be able to talk a professor to ask for help or call the dean to discuss graduation requirements next year. So begin your life of independence now.

5. Do NOT succumb to senioritis.

Your last year of high school does count. Finish strong and show consistency in your grades and you may be rewarded with college course exemptions or scholarships.

6. Do NOT miss deadlines.

Make a calendar of application deadlines and deposits as well as senior year activities to make sure you don’t miss an important date.

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7. Do NOT stop showing interest in colleges you’ve applied to.

Continue proving your interest by visiting campus a second time or calling the admissions office to ask a question you can’t find the answer to on the school website.

You will be a more enticing candidate than the student who just called the office once.

8. Do NOT forget about your family.

Although you may be stressed and having your parents nag you about deadlines at the dinner table doesn’t help, remember they are just looking out for you.

Many parent-child relationships become strained during senior year, so take time out to spend time with the family without the stresses of college applications interrupting.

9. Do NOT forget to send thank you notes.

Send a thank you note to those who wrote you a recommendation to let them know how much you appreciate their help.

10. Do NOT forget to have fun.

It’s your last year in the same vicinity as all of your friends and family, so enjoy your last year together and reflect on all your great times together.

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