10 Study Tips for College Students

College is a time for hard studying which may seem very daunting. By using simple study tips to get to grips with the extra work, you will succeed.

1. Get Organized

Arrange all your files and folders with clear labels on, have a diary to record all deadlines, study times and tutorials and begin to manage your study. It doesn’t take a lot of work to become more organized, just make sure you know where everything is and when your deadlines are.

Figure out how much time you will need to do your assignments and ensure you will have access to a computer and printer during that time.

Make sure you have all the right paper, pens, ink for the printer, memory stick as well as books and access to online literature.

2. Timing

You have probably been a student for some years now at school so you will undoubtedly know when your brain is at its best. Aim to do your studying at the optimum time. Don’t worry, as this will be different for different people.

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3. Time Management

Once you know when all your deadlines, tutorials and lessons are, you can begin to make a rough timetable for study. Keep the timetable rough and include time for breaks, meals and socializing.

4. Environment

As with the optimum time for studying, you will most likely have a perfect place to get the study done. Whether this is in your living room or in the library, find the best place for you.

You will find you will get more work done when you are studying in a comfortable place.

5. Breaks

During your studying, remember to take regular breaks.

Even if it is just stepping away from your computer for 5 minutes to look out the window it will help to focus your mind and concentrate better.

It will also avoid eyestrain and any aches and pains from sitting at a desk for long periods.

6. Achievable Goals

Set yourself achievable goals.

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For example, aim to write 500 words in the hour break between dinner and your favorite program on TV. This will improve your morale and confidence in yourself.

7. Relaxation

Take time out from your studies to relax and enjoy other aspects of college life.

We all need time away from the desk and books to do other hobbies. Whether it be sport or socializing with friends, it is still important to make time for these things when studying.

8. Eat Well

As well as taking regular breaks to stare out the window and meet up with friends, do not forget to eat properly!

Take time to have a good breakfast when you get up and enjoy lunch and dinner too. Meals don’t have to take long to prepare.

Before deadlines, make more of meals that you can freeze so that when you don’t have time to spare in the kitchen you can just pop something you made last week in the microwave while you finish your last few hundred words.

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9. Study Groups

If you are finding things hard to understand maybe try out a study group.

The help and guidance from other students can make things easier to understand and also to guide your attentions to studying.

It is harder to get away from studying when there is more of you to keep an eye on each other!

10. Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your Studies!

Don’t lose sight of why you want to study this particular subject, it is important to remember that you can realize your goals at the end of your studies and you will get to where you want to be.