Why You Need More Sleep

As a college student sleep can be very hard to come by.  With obligations like class, studying, parties and work, sleep is usually low on the priority list. Students will do all kinds of things to avoid sleep. This sometimes includes: downing energy drinks, popping pills, and binge drinking. (Disclaimer: All of these things should be avoided).

If this sounds like you, or you constantly find yourself staying out late and stumbling into your 8 am class, then keep reading. Hopefully this article will inspire you to take on a better sleep schedule.

Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

Increased Memory

Ample sleep is the recipe for improved memory, which is especially useful for college students. Sleep helps your brain retain new information through a process called memory consolidation. So, more sleep translates into less study time.

Better Mood

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Lack of sleep can leave many people feeling like Oscar the Grouch.  Those who don’t get enough sleep are usually slightly irritable and don’t function well in the morning hours. This is often is blamed on not being a “morning person”. Truth is though; anyone can be refreshed and in a better mood as long as they receive enough sleep the night before.

Weight Control

Along with all of the alcohol, fast food, and lack of exercise, not getting enough sleep can contribute to weight gain. Sleep helps regulate your metabolism, so make sure you get enough to avoid the freshmen 15.

Tips to Get More Sleep

  • Don’t schedule morning classes if you are the type of person who wants to party every night of the week.
  • Take a 30-minute power-nap in the afternoon to get you through the remainder of the day.
  • Avoid caffeine, especially at night.
  • Exercise at least 5 hours before you plan on going to bed.
  • Use your desk for studying, not your bed.
  • Use earplugs if it is noisy around your room.
  • Try and keep a sleeping schedule.
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To Sum it Up

Sleep is very important for your health and can leave you with a more keen memory, a better mood and a slim belly.  Always remember to listen to your body. When it demands sleep, give into those sagging eyes and find a quite place to lay your head down.