4 Essential School Supplies for College Students

Last updated on November 27, 2017

Sometimes the selection of school supplies in designer colors and itty bitty carry along fashions obliterate all logic in college students who end up over-buying. Here we will simplify the need for everything, just in case you’re not prepared, and tell you the essentials so you don’t overbuy highlighters when you could have had another drink at the bar.

Note cards

Note cards

You honestly can never run out of them, and they are lifesavers for papers, bookmarks, reminders, or even note taking. Always overstock because most freshman courses require note card use and the professors sometimes check them.


Box of colorful crayons

These old school art supplies double as awesome highlighters and are cheap enough to use over and over for poster boards. Unlike annoying markers which run out if you press too hard, these never run out of “ink” or style.

Post-it Notes

Post-it Notes

Stick them anywhere, anytime, as helpful reminders when the day’s stress wears you down. There are too many assignments to schedule it all in a planner and little things are hard to write in that itty bitty assignment space.

A Corkboard


Often overlooked because it must be hooked on a wall requiring holes. If you get the right size it can be leaned onto the desk to the wall without any hassle. It’s a great place to put pictures, reminder post-its, assignments, and schedules for the day so you can see it whenever you look at your computer. Far from outdated, it’s one of the most helpful tools around for college students.


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