What if I hate my roommate?

How long have you lived together? If it’s less than a month, wait until it is a month. Wait until you have both adjusted to school a little longer before making the decision that you can’t live together. If it has been longer than a month, think about why you don’t like living with him or her. Does s/he have one habit that annoys you? Or, is his/her lifestyle completely different from yours? Have you talked about the problem? Many roommate problems can be solved with a basic amount of communication. If you have tried to work it out and are just not able to work it out, contact your Resident Assistant. Tell them you have tried to mediate the problem and are at the end of your rope. They may try to help you mediate further or they may talk to their supervisor about a room change. Keep in mind that many schools are over-booked and there may just not be space available to move you into. Also remember that you may not like your new roommate any better than your current roommate.