How to Survive an 8 AM Class

No matter what your major is, you’re always going to have to take at least one 8 AM class, and unless you just absolutely love mornings and don’t stay up late, you’re going to struggle through these morning classes. Here’s a list of some tips on how to survive an 8 AM class.

Caffeine, always have it, always know where you can get it. If you’re not comfortable with caffeine, drink orange or apple juice which has enough sugar to jolt you awake without the side effects.

Any kind of snack that doesn’t crunch but keeps your hands busy is great. The constant motion of sucking on candy or dried fruit will keep you focused while you take notes and the sugar will keep you awake. It’s also not fun to have your stomach make huge noises during a two hundred person lecture.

Get as much sleep as you can (this is common sense, but you’ll be amazed how many people don’t do this). You can get away without getting the required eight hours, but without sleep you’re liable to crash head-first in the middle of class and gain weight from lack of metabolism breakdown over time.

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When in doubt, have someone next to you in class pinch you if you start to nod off. Pain is a sure fire way to wake up, and you’ll be so out of it you’ll probably get angry and forget you told them to pinch you. Anger is another upper which will keep you focused and alert.