Types of People in College Dorm

When you go to College you are going to meet a lot of different people. They are all going to be different in their personality and looks. In a way, it’s quite nerve-racking because you don’t really know what to expect. However, normally there are a few stereotypes that always exist…

The drunk

In every dorm there is going to be the drunk. He’s the guy who is going to crash back into the corridor and manage to walk into the wrong room and wake everyone up at two a.m. probably not going to be Mr. Popular in the morning. He might attend the odd lesson every so often depending on what he’s feeling like. He also likes to remind everyone of his ‘I’m a hardcore drinker status every other day.’ Probably best avoided.

The shy silent guy

He is the guy who doesn’t really talk that much and when he does he gets nervous. He means well but just needs a bit of confidence. My advice help him out, you never know how he might be able to help you out.

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The swat

Hardworking but no social life… Yep it’s the swat, he doesn’t do much but work because that’s all he cares about. Never misses classes, sits in the front row ninety percent of the time. Has a few friends but they are pretty much the same as him, doesn’t go near the girl. Just not interested. Probably ignored by most people but just be friendly and nothing can go wrong.

The nice guy

‘He’s so cute and kind, I really like him.’ It’s the nice guy, generally helps everyone out when they get in tricky spots. Balances his social life and academic work very well. Best to know in case you get in a hot spot!

The messy chaotic guy

‘Why are you always ten minutes late Mr. Choke?’ It’s the messy chaotic guy; this can be the guy who doesn’t know the meaning of washing! He’s always late for class and for some reason never gets round to doing that thing he wanted to do last Thursday. Friendly but bedlam reigns, try not to get the bed next to him!

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The takeaway guy

‘Hey you want to order’? (He’s asked you for the last three nights and he’s wondering why you always say no…) ‘No sorry I’m going to dinner, see you later.’ The takeaway guy, doesn’t turn up to breakfast, lunch or dinner just relies on fast food and can’t live without it. He’s generally a bit of a slob but perfectly nice when you get to know him apart from the smells!

The music guy

It’s three in the morning and your wondering why you’re next-door neighbour has such a bad taste in music. You really just want to rip out that cable and then go to bed. The music guy, whenever you walk past him he’s always pumping out some rubbish tune that you can’t get out of your head. Increasing annoying when you’re trying to revise. Just pray that you don’t get to share with him.

The foreign guy

Never been to your country before but seems perfectly nice. A bit shy at first but he’s generally all right. Get to know him perhaps.

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The argumentative guy

‘For the fifteenth time, I don’t want an argument.’ It’s the argumentative guy, spends his life arguing and will never admit that he is wrong even if he is. If you don’t like arguing best to avoid him but if you do he’s three bed’s down on the left.

The groupies

The groupies, these people just don’t separate wherever he is she is. They don’t separate they just hang around and do everything together. They are a bit self-obsessed and not interested in anyone else. Just tolerate them if you can.

Oh yeah and the normal guy or girl. That’s you!