3 Popular College Drinking Games

Drinking, on many college campuses, is a pretty popular weekend (and for some people, weeknight) activity. Most parties will have other things going on, like dancing or lawn games . . . but you can be sure that almost every party will have some sort of drinking game or another happening at any given time.

There are as many drinking games as there are parties, but there are a few that are very popular and that you’ll probably see pretty often if you go to enough parties.

1. Beer pong

This is arguably the most popular college drinking game right now, so you can count on playing it quite a few times. To play, an odd number of plastic cups—usually five or seven—are set on a ping-pong table (or any table really) and filled with beer. How full depends on where you play. Each person (or team or two) gets to table tennis balls and attempts to throw them into the opposing player’s cup. If you land it in the cup, the other person has to drink that cup of beer. The balls are then rinsed off and the opposing player gets two shots. The first person to clear the other player’s cups wins. Sounds simple, right? It’s actually more difficult than you’d think. And there are an almost-infinite number of beer pong house rules that can change the game.

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2. Flip cup

Flip cup (also known as “flippy cup”) requires less space (and concentration) than beer pong. This game is usually played with teams of at least two players. The first player has to finish a cup of beer as fast as possible and place the cup on the edge of a table. The player then has to flip the cup over so that it lands upside down by flicking the part of the bottom of the cup that’s hanging over the edge (check out this video to see a good example).

3. Quarters

There are many variations of Quarters, and it sometimes seems like no two people play by exactly the same rules. However, the game is always based around bouncing a quarter off of a table and into a shot glass or beer cup and forcing another player to drink the contents of the cup. The game can be played one-on-one, on teams, or in groups. You can pretty much make up your own rules to this one.

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There are countless other drinking games, including some that use cards or dice. You can find the rules for all of these games (as well as house rules and videos of the games being played) on various websites. If you go to a lot of parties, you’ll probably be able to write your encyclopedia of drinking games!