Ping Pong (Beer Pong) for Beginners

Ping pong tips concentrates on giving you a better understanding of what is needed to get started and enjoy the game. Ping pong, or table tennis, is the indoor variant of tennis and requires many skills. If you want to play for recreational purposes and want to spend your free time with this game, then you absolutely need your own ping pong table.

Ping pong is an awesome game for college, as you will always have friends around to play.  The table of course, can double as a beer pong venue for those party nights.  Generally speaking, you can purchase such a table for a few hundred dollars each. There are many remarkable, well known, and top producing brands in the table tennis industry such as Kettler, Stiga etc. These tables can normally be purchased for anywhere between $300 – $500 each. There are, however, cheaper brands out there and you can find a table for less than $300. It depends on the quality of table you seek, your budget, and purposes.

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The game is more fun, brings more joy, and gives you more satisfaction if you have acquired the proper skills. The skills you will want to work on are; a skilled serve, great backhand techniques, and aggressive forehand moves. Oh, and the ability to consume copious amounts of beer and remain relatively sober will serve you well in beer pong.

If you are just playing for recreational reasons you will want to get a table, ping pong balls, proper clothing, and another player to start playing the game.  Only invest as much money as you are comfortable with. At the end of the day, the game should be fun, be a great opportunity to spend your free time, and it should open the door to play with other gamers and friends.  Beer pong is always more fun with girls around, or the ambiance can get a bit too “meaty” and chache like.

When it comes to learning essential but “easy” skills you want to watch proper videos on the internet and get trained from someone who is already advanced in order to get things going. The internet is a great place to find free training videos for pretty much any technique such as serving, backhand, forehand, spinning and other strategies.  As for beer pong, I think the best way to truly learn this college classic is to simply play.  Practice makes perfect!