5 Natural Energy Boosters for College Students

Last updated on November 15, 2017

Let’s face it—college days can be long and busy. Not only does class take up time, but so do extracurricular activities, internships, papers, studying, and social time. The long days can leave you winded and lethargic.

Here are the top 5 ways to keep your energy high—naturally. Ditch the coffee and try these tips instead:

1. Reduce or eliminate caffeine

Caffeine is a chemical found in coffee that is similar to a drug. It can give you ups and downs, leaving you dependent on it for stable energy. This can cause many health conditions later on including chronic dehydration, caffeine addiction, and adrenal fatigue.

Try reducing or eliminating coffee and notice how you feel. If you like the coffee taste, a great alternative is Teeccino, which is a caffeine-free herbal coffee. It won’t give you the crash coffee does, and it is delicious!

2. Make morning or afternoon smoothies a ritual

When you are craving energy, your body is really lacking something. While caffeine and sugar keep your body lacking, natural energy in the forms of fruits and vegetables give your body the sustained energy it’s looking for. Try making morning or afternoon smoothies for the boost you need!

3. Replace the sugary snacks with healthier snacks

Here are some great snacks on-the-go: nuts, dried fruit, Larabars, rice cakes, fresh fruit, 70 percent dark chocolate squares, yogurt, dates, edamame, and tortilla chips.

4. Stay hydrated

People call water the “original energy soda.” Most college students are chronically dehydrated. Invest in a water bottle to carry around throughout the day. This will help curb your cravings and keep you energized.

5. Take time for yourself

Remember to find activities and things you enjoy doing. This will help naturally restore your energy because you are spending time doing what you enjoy!