Learning Styles: Coping with a Learning Disability

For majority of us, life seems to glow with infinite colors of knowledge, fun, and wisdom, when it is time to start college. However, things are certainly not quite the same for everyone of us, especially for those of us whose life is marred with learning disability. This becomes even worse when such students end up being with a bunch of students who are keener towards making fun of them rather than supporting them (or at least not causing trouble for them).

This article focuses on some tips that can help students suffering from any kind of learning disabilities to make sure they get their respective share of attention and kindness while they stay at college, completing the course of their studies.

Get appropriate medical testimonies

The best way to cope with any such situation is to access your campus academic support center (or something of similar nature) to make sure how you can become eligible for relative support services your college provides for students suffering from learning disabilities. For that, the first thing you would need is medical testimonies of your disability. So, make sure you have got such documentation with you to provide college office when they call for it. This way, you will be assured of extra care and attention you need to support your learning quest while suffering from a critical disability.

Socialize with support center staff

When you furnish college administrative authorities with all relevant documentation, you should get to know well all relevant support center staff. It is highly recommended to get comfortable with not only that particular person, but with everyone concerned with you in any possible way. In the start, make sure you daily spare some time out to interact and mingle with support center staff, as you would be spending most of your college time in their companionship.

Take your professors into confidence

For most of students, this definitely proves one of the most challenging situations of all, but entrusting your professors about your particular situation is the best favor you can bestow yourself with. One thing is for sure, your professors would know about your situation sooner or later, from one source or the other. So, it is better to take them into confidence yourself. This would help you develop a certain comfort level with your professors and you would get best of their advice, cooperation, and support all through your course duration over there.

Don’t be afraid to share your challenges with you professor.

Call for help whenever you need it

Initial round of introduction is never enough for long run. The best way to make sure that you receive all the support and attention you need to fight out with your disability while quenching your thirst of knowledge is to look and call for any type of help you need. You should not surrender to the fear of annoying your professors and support staff by asking them for help. In fact, they are there to do so. However, you should be the one taking initiative whenever the need may be.

To surmise, passion for knowledge knows no boundaries. Therefore, if you have the will and patience to cope with any challenging situation while you run through your academic career at college despite suffering from learning disabilities, following these tips would definitely help your cause significantly.

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