How to Survive College Midterms

It may be Halloween, but another event is also occurring – Midterms. Doesn’t it seem like the term only started yesterday? Where has the time gone and when should you start studying for the exam? Answer: Right now. College is a fun and exciting time for those who attend, but mixed in with the fun is also all the hard work that earns the degree at the end of the road. Mid-terms are only the beginning and it’s best to get those good habits on how to handle them engrained from the start.

Eat and drink right

Your body needs to be properly fuelled and hydrated, there’s nothing worse than hearing someone’s stomach rumble in the middle of a test, worse if it’s yours! Not only will you not be able to focus on the task at hand but you might be distracting to others as well. (Not a good thing)

Get plenty of sleep

Who can sleep on the night before the big test?! You might think all that extra cramming will be more helpful then catching those much-needed zzz’s, but the truth of the matter is if you starve your brain from rest it’s going to crash sometime. When it does you run the risk of either sleeping during the exam or the horror, sleeping through it and missing the test entirely!

Practice essay writing

If you know your mid-term is going to be essay based, it can be extremely helpful to practice before the exam. Remember, you have a limited amount of time and there could be a wealth of information you’re trying to put down. Practice pacing yourself, the end result and your hand will thank you later for it.

Make sure to take breaks when studying

Just because you’ve got a big test coming up doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at the same time. If you over stimulate your brain with information it’s likely to get all jumbled together. By taking breaks like walking around the block or even just having a quick chat with your roommate will help your brain refocus when you hit the books again.

Meet with the professor if you’re confused on anything

By reviewing the material early on, you give yourself the opportunity to see road blocks more clearly. Establish contact with your professor, and ask for help if you need it. If you wait until the night before the exam there’s no time to ask for clarification if you’re really stuck on a question or perhaps your notes weren’t solid enough to truly explain a theory.

Arrive on time and come prepared

Pretty much goes without saying. Check your email before heading out, there might be a last minute room change. There’s no guarantee there will be a note on the door and professors don’t tend to give make up exams or have extra supplies on hand. This is college, and they expect you to act like the adult you are.

Taking exams isn’t everyone’s view of a good time, nor is it the terrifying hour that will decide your college future. Midterms are there to see how you’re doing in the class, a kind of life test if you will on what subjects that you excel at. Take a deep breath, and one step forward; after all it’s only a test. I mean, when the zombie apocalypse arises you’re going to be glad you learned how to handle pressure even if it’s in an academic situation! Happy Halloween and good luck on those midterms!

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